Dr Visits Today

The first visit for today was with the neurosurgeon. CT scans look well. Next visit will be at the end of October after chemotherapy to determine if surgery is needed or if the remaining tumor is shrunk or gone and then radiation. PRAYER for the very root of this disease to be dead from the very root it came from.

Second appointment for today is chemotherapy. On our way. PRAYER!

Spinal Tap & Port Went Smoothly

Good morning. Today we arrived at the hospital with Cameron for a spinal tap and the port he will receive chemotherapy. The Lord had an angel register us, another angel who heard about him for the first time and began to intercede for him by adding him to a prayer list and a third angel (Sandy) who ensured things were going smoothly. We thank each of you for your continued prayers!

Chemotherapy to Begin Next Week

We have received official notification that chemotherapy will begin on September 16, 2015. In addition, we encourage you to leave Cameron a comment. We will also follow-up with information regarding how you might communicate with Cameron through a blog that will also be established. Please also note that updates on Cameron’s progress will be posted on the GoFundMe page and the blog.

The Beginning

After an MRI on August 25, 2015 Cameron was sent immediately to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with a tumor on his brain stem, which was identified as an ependymoma cancer tumor. He underwent a 12 hour surgery to remove the cancer, however due to the risky area of the brain where the tumor is located the entire tumor was unable to be removed. As a result, Cameron’s medical plan includes 7 weeks of chemotherapy, a possible second 12 hour surgery, and 7 weeks of radiation. Given the unforeseen medical expenses and loss of wages due to his treatment contributions would be greatly appreciated. Please leave Cameron and his family a video message (once the blog is established), greetings, or post well wishes. Likewise, the family will post updates as Cameron progresses along. Thanks to family, friends, Columbia High School, and community at large for your prayers, expression of kindness, care, and concern for Cameron during this time of healing.